9Lyvz Chicken

This is 9LYVZ signature dish, and is a big seller. I just put things I love together..and you can experiment with it, too! Enjoy!

9 LYVZ Chicken Grill or saute' enough chicken breasts for everyone.

Cut up - set aside.

Make a sauce of:
- Olive oil
- Lots of butter
- Lots of fresh garlic
- Crushed red pepper (just a touch)
- Fresh basil
- Fresh garlic
- Salt to taste
- Capers

Then add lots of:
- Lemon juice
- Cheap wine (I use Arbor Mist Rose)
- A can of artichoke hearts, cut up
- Mushrooms

Whisk together some flour and chicken broth, and stir this into the sauce over low heat until it thickens. Now add the chicken! Bake if you want for a li'l while.